Holiday Travel Tips for a Stress-Free (and Stylish!) Season

Ahhhh, the holidays. Nothing gives us the warm fuzzies on a cold day quicker than dreaming about heading to see family and friends for a huge celebration. The anticipation of delish food, festive libations and presents (lots and lots of presents) leaves us with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads as we prep for the best season of the year. But nothing can kill our vibe like the nightmare that is holiday travel — so we’re open to any an all holiday travel tips we can get our hands on.

If the mere thought of holiday travel sends your stress levels through the roof, you’re not alone. The good news? You can take the edge off by being prepared before your trip.

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Queue Up Your Entertainment

Holiday Travel Tips That'll Make This Season Way More Comfortable | Hinted
Image: Raw Talk With Sheena/Instagram

Whether you’re terrified of flying or just get anxiety when your mind is left idle, there’s nothing worse than hitting 35,000 feet before realizing you have nothing to keep your brain busy during a long flight. (Ditto for an especially long road trip.) Make sure you download, download, download the night before you’re scheduled to head out.

Obviously a book on your iPad is a good go-to, but Podcasts are super clutch when you don’t feel like concentrating on a storyline. Some of our favorites right now are Raw Talk with Sheena, That’s So Retrograde and This Past Weekend With Theo Von. Download a couple eps and you’ll be at your destination in no time.

Plan for Climate Change

Holiday Travel Tips That'll Make This Season Way More Comfortable | Hinted
Leopard Scarf, $50; at Mango

No, we’re not talking about the ice caps melting (though that is super important, too) we mean being aware of the weather where you’re taking off from versus where you’re landing. It can be a little jarring to leave LAX wearing shorts and sandals, only to find yourself in snow flurries when you touch down at your boyfriend’s hometown in Connecticut. Not only that, the climate on board planes and trains is always super unpredictable.

It’s all about the layering. Pack a sumptuous wrap (like this adorable leopard print one from Mango) that’s easy to throw around your shoulders — or take off if you’re heading from a colder climate to a warmer one. Make sure to wear comfy socks (sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes we’re quick to forget), solid shoes, long pants and a light shirt that breathes easy when you’re warm — but also works well paired with a cardigan when it gets chilly. This Long Blouson Sleeve Cardigan by Halogen is perfect to throw on over a light T.

So, yes, layering is perhaps one of the most important holiday travel tips to abide by, but that doesn’t mean we give the green light to look disheveled while you move from one destination to the next. Which brings us to our next tip…

Look Your Best

Holiday Travel Tips That'll Make This Season Way More Comfortable | Hinted
Bethan Velvet Joggers, $73; at Boden

When you look your best, you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you have the confidence to tackle any hiccups that might come your way during your travels.

But that does not mean you should sacrifice comfort. Luckily this season has a ton of trends that help you travel in style and comfort. Like these velvet joggers from Boden. Climate control, comfort and chicness all rolled into one delectable pant. It’s the holy trifecta of holiday travel style.

For more cute travel outfit ideas, check out holiday travel list here.

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Prep for Security Check

Holiday Travel Tips That'll Make This Season Way More Comfortable | Hinted
Sam Edelman Roya Studded Boot, $105; at Nordstrom

There’s a million and one things that make traveling stressful (packing and getting to the airport on time, for starts), but nothing makes our blood pressure skyrocket like waiting in line to go through TSA. Will I be able to get my shoes off quickly? Will I be able to find my ID after I get through? Will I get pulled aside for a full pat down? It’s a lot to think about while standing around in a small area packed with a million other anxious travelers.

But when you’re head is in the game before you get in line, making it through security is totally manageable. For starters, wear shoes that are solid, but slide off easily. A low-heeled bootie (like these from Sam Edelman) are super cute, but easy to take on and off. Plus, they are comfortable enough that you won’t be hobbling along when you’re rushing to get to your gate. These Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers or a pair of Chuck Taylors might be even more perfect, especially if you’re running late and will have to book it across the airport.

And don’t forget to check your purse for any liquids over 3 ounces the night before a flight! There’s nothing worse than having a brand new full size bottle of your favorite rose-scented face spray confiscated by a TSA agent. (Or getting pulled over for a more thorough security check for having liquid on your person.)


Now tell us your favorite tips for a stress-free holiday travel!