Jumpsuits: The Easiest Way to Get Dressed Right Now

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If we had to pick a desert island clothing item, it would absolutely be a jumpsuit. They’re versatile, seasonless and make getting dressed in just 5 minutes a real possibility. Now you can find jumpsuits for every occasion, since they come in casual, everyday pieces or office appropriate styles, all the way up to options that take you to black-tie events.

Whether you’re a one-and-done fan of effortless style or you love the long line effect of the monochromatic top and bottom, this list is for you. We love them for city biking or Vespa-ing to work, dancing at a club and wearing them with flats, heels or anything in between.

The jumpsuit originated in the early 1900’s with an Italian designer Thayaht, who created the one pieces to keep parachuters and skydivers protected, warm and covered. Now they are as commonplace and chic as any Little Black Dress, and take you from weekend errands to black tie and weddings. Plus a jumpsuit can be considered “two for the price of one,” since a single article of clothing gets you dressed, and out the door, stat. You can even layer a chunky sweater or blazer overtop a sleeveless jumpsuit, for a transformative new look!

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Orange Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters $59 Instagram: @michelleinfusino

We were inspired to create this list of jumpsuits in anticipation of Springtime weddings, graduations and special occasions that require an elevated look. While most women automatically reach for a cocktail dress, a jumpsuit can be an equally as sophisticated, and far more comfortable option to try out.

Think about how much more fun you’ll have at your cousin’s wedding if you don’t have to worry about your dress’ hemline while dancing. In a jumpsuit, you can stand up on the bar for a toast, do a cartwheel, sit without your legs crossed, etc. And the point isn’t necessarily if you’d do these things, but that in a jumpsuit you don’t have to monitor your actions so much. In a jumpsuit, you have total freedom of expression, which can be liberating for those who are accustomed to wearing dresses that are too short, too tight or too restrictive, and require thought before action.

Photo: Kepola Design House


This mobility is especially practical for the more casual jumpsuits, ones for lounging, running errands and even working out that take five seconds to put on and give you all-day comfort. One of our favorites, a linen-blend overall from Kepola Design House, is perfect for days when you’re working from home but still want to feel pulled-together and chic. Modcloth’s denim one piece also serves the same purpose: to make getting dressed a smooth operation while keeping you at ease and stylish.

While jumpsuits make mornings seamless, they also give you an opportunity to personalize them. Think of the one pieces as blank canvases, and accessories as tools. By adding jewelry, statement bags and shoes and even layers, any jumpsuit can be customized to your unique style. Between the versatility, comfortability and ease, its hard to say anything negative about jumpsuits. Just plan ahead when it’s time to hit the ladies’ room since you will have to get completely undressed every time! We say: Worth it.

✨Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match: Week of October 29, 2018 ✨

By Aurora Tower

It’s a week to launch your biggest dreams, which is why we’re featuring the debut collab of Halogen x Atlantic Pacific that’s arrived just in time to forecast one of your most fashionable weeks of the year. The cosmos are ready to dress up and Halloween promises to be full of adventures and sweet surprises. First up, Monday delivers extremes, as Mercury the messenger sidles up to Jupiter, planet of extravagance, which could bring really good news, or not so good, in the form of tone-deaf inflammatory conversations. Then on Tuesday, you get a little bit of emotional breathing room when Mercury moves again, into optimistic Sagittarius. Halloween Wednesday is the main event, with Venus sliding into Libra, meaning love could strike in the most unexpected of places. Before you leap, decide if you want to go on a bumpy romantic thrill ride. If yes, enjoy the rollercoaster ahead.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Leo
Leo: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Cashmere Wrap, $199; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Let Them Know, Leo

You love L-O-V-E, Leo, especially extravagant displays of affection. You could get both this week, but if intentions are off, even the most sentimental of gestures could misfire. Send clear signals.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Virgo
Virgo: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Long Plaid Coat, $249; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Feel Validated, Virgo

You want people to see things your way, VIrgo, and you may very well get your wish this week, with others having AHA! moments that finally celebrate and acknowledge your POV. Validation!

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Libra
Libra: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Colorblock Pleated Midi, $99; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Let It Go, Libra

You like to keep the peace, Libra, but your tolerance may have been getting pushed to its limits recently. If you aren’t feeling it pull the plug, and put your own needs first. You’ll be glad you did.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Scorpio
Scorpio: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Menswear Plaid Blazer, $149; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Listen to Your Instincts, Scorpio

You hate to backtrack, but there may be no other way to tweak something important than to take a step back and reassess this week. Trust that the right answer will come to you intuitively.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Sagittarius
Sagittarius: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Crinkle Midi Skirt, $99; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Say It Nicely, Sagittarius 

Your epiphanies keep coming, Sag, but you may not like the messages they’re sending you, especially if it means making adjustments to a certain friendship. Aim to work things through diplomatically.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Capricorn
Capricorn: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Faux Fur Coat, $249; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstom

Come Clean, Capricorn

You’re getting a second chance at a major work project. That’s the good news. Just make sure you are crystal clear about your priorities and responsibilities this time around. It will work out much better.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Aquarius
Aquarius: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Tweed Jacket With Removable Faux Fur, $199; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Play the Long Game, Aquarius

If a challenging work relationship has been testing your boundaries, it may be time to step back and think about the big picture. The solution may actually be closer and simpler than you realized.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Pisces
Pisces: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Stripe Turtleneck Sweater, $79; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Put It In Drive, Pisces

You have been tweaking your long-term vision and strategy, and now it’s time to fully commit to your chosen course of action. Figure out what’s holding you back so you can let it go. Then go!

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Aries
Aries: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Hidden Placket Blouse, $79; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Make Peace, Aries

A major financial decision is putting everything into perspective. It also means you may need to smooth over a certain important relationship, so it’s time to offer the proverbial olive branch.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Taurus
Taurus: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Shimmer Stripe Sweater, $59; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Take Control, Taurus

You are facing the reality of an important relationship, and that may mean you need to make some personal tweaks in order to support the flow. Don’t consider it a sacrifice, but an improvement.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Gemini
Gemini: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Shimmer Dot Sweater, $79; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Get Going, Gemini

If work matters haven’t been exactly going the way you wanted, you may need to put a little more heart into the matter. Suspend your fear of looking silly, and put it all on the line.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: Cancer
Cancer: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific High Waist Wide Cuff Ankle Pants, $99; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

Look Inside, Cancer

You have been all about work hard, play hard recently, but you might need to take a pause and reassess how you are truly feeling. If you’re not super comfortable at home, a move could be exactly what you need.

Your Weekly Horoscope & Style to Match, Week of October 29, 2018: All Signs
All signs: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Georgiana Bow Pump, $109; at Nordstrom. Image: Nordstrom

All Signs

Party season is on the way and we love these for their festive versatility.

A History of the “No White After Labor Day” Rule (& Why We’re Ignoring It)

One of the greatest tragedies of September is all of the awesome Labor Day sales. Yes, we love a good bargain as much as the next person, but it’s so frustrating to find the perfect white dress at an amazing price — and not being able to wear it for at least six months. It doesn’t make any sense, yet most of us will sadly bow to an archaic fashion rule that we don’t understand. Seriously though, why can’t you wear white after Labor Day?

Upon a little digging, we found that there isn’t really a hard and fast answer to the question. Only some theories:

A) According to a Time article published in 2009, some people think the rule was born out of function. Basically, back in the day there was no A.C .or patio misters, so it’s possible that people wore white to avoid heat stroke.

Why Can't You Wear White After Labor Day? Here's Why You Can | Hinted
Satin Crop Blouse, $59.99; at Mango

B) Once upon a time, wearing white was a sign that you could afford to vacation in a non-urban area. In other words, cities are dirty. If you had the cash to take off somewhere not as dirty, you wore white (or, if you stayed in the city and wore white, you clearly had money to burn and didn’t care if your clothes got ruined because you could just buy more). If you were poor, you toiled away in the city all summer in the heat and wore black so you didn’t look like you were covered in filth all of the time.

Can you believe that this is a fashion rule that we still refer to, even though it’s obviously out-of-date and nobody really even knows where it originates from? Also, none of the aforementioned theories really explain why you have to stop wearing white after Labor Day. Who even came up with that exact cut-off date? We’re calling B.S.

More: How to Transform Your Fall Style Without Blowing Your Budget

We’re loving the list 5 Looks to Up Your Style Game because it’s serving up some serious white outfit inspo. It’s one of the reasons why we’ll be wearing white all fall and winter long. Here are some more reasons you should, too.

1. Snow Is White

You’re gonna try to tell us that we can’t wear white when from the month of December to March, white is literally all around us? Nah.

If mother nature is into it, so are we.

2. Because Being a Rebel is Empowering

No one ever tells us what to wear (or what not to wear), even if it is derived from decree from the days of yore that everyone seems to have bought into for decades. We are confident enough to dress ourselves how we want, when we want.

3. It’s a True Neutral

Why Can't You Wear White After Labor Day? Here's Why You Can | Hinted
A New Day Dominique Pointed Kitten Heel Wide Width Booties, $34.99; at Target

Neutral colors have no bounds, and white is the ultimate neutral. You can throw on something white with leather, corduroy, denim or some ruby red tights and it always works. It’s limitless. So we’re not limiting the time of year it can be worn.

Need proof? These Dominque Pointed Kitten Heel Booties go with anything. Anything.

4. It’s Surprisingly Cozy

Sometimes white has a reputation for coming off a little sterile, or even bland. But a fuzzy white scarf in the dead of winter is the perfect way to cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa and still look pulled together.

White also has a unique ethereal quality, and when you pair a white sweater like this Tularosa Jen number with a long skirt, like this For Love of Lemons, Romy Tiered Maxi, you’ll get a boho/angelic vibe that will breathe life into a drab winter wardrobe.

5. It’s Sophisticated… Yet Casual

Why Can't You Wear White After Labor Day? Here's Why You Can | Hinted
Eyes On You Set, $128; at Free People

We love a good millennial pink, but it can be hard to pull off a grown-up look for work wearing it. Not impossible, just difficult. On the other hand, these white wide-cut pants with buttons paired with this white jacket (both from H&M) are the picture of perfect office elegance.

At the same time, that same pink hue brings a certain boldness to an outfit that doesn’t scream “I’m casual.” When you’re wearing white, it’s totally possible to pull off both casual and sophisticated. (Like when you’re wearing this Free People Eyes On You ankle length sweater set.)

And that’s 24/7, 365, baby.

What are your favorite ways to wear white after Labor Day?

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