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Designer and former fashion editor Ann Mashburn shares her approach to looking chic every day. Our favorite Mashburn mantras: “Wear what makes you feel like yourself” and “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s just clothes.” Read on for more

How would you describe your personal style? Franco-American and simple simple simple.

What’s your advice for women who want to create develop their personal uniform? What are the building blocks and how can you mix it up once you have it?  I think every woman needs to have her casual uniform down pat.. we are all so busy and need to move about every day comfortably. Getting dressed up for a specific event is easier than figuring out to look chic and comfortable on a daily basis.  I think the polished version of the “run around town” is most important. Building blocks for that could look like:

  1. A few pairs of well-fitting jeans
  2. A few pair of flat shoes that are not sneakers – ballet flat, my buckle flat with small heel, driving mocs
  3. A few jackets: boy blazer, safari-style jacket, Chanel-style jacket

These are my own building blocks and my line is filled with variations of these.  This is how I learned to dress as a fashion editor in New York: Simple things that I could move in that I could layer a scarf or jewelry on to make it feel new and fresh. Of course, I crave a little novelty every season and love something that feels of-the-moment, but I always come back to these things when I don’t know what to wear. I love basics.

You have five daughters, what’s your advice to them about finding their personal style? To take note of what they have on that they feel the most “themselves” in.  I think it can help to have a friend help with this…   it is also a reminder that personal style, like all style, is collected over time.  I think for me, I have always had a style that I felt best in, but I have gotten much better at being true to it and figuring out how to represent it.  I made a lot of mistakes and my girls should not be afraid to make them as well… it is just clothes!  You get to start over tomorrow!

Last question: When in doubt always wear… What you felt great in last time. I love a repeat.. even with a party dress!  I always say, I had a great time in this dress last time, I can’t wait to pull it out again! I don’t care that people have seen me in it before.

You Look Bermudaful!

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The forecast is iffy on whether to sun will RSVP this weekend, so while you’re driving upstate, the Hamptons, or any other weekend getaway consider this:  Bermuda is a mere two hours away from the East Coast and our Accuweather app is reporting it’s currently a lovely 80 degrees. Now, we know that when you think of Bermuda it’s easy to picture stodgy Englishmen golfing and downing G&TS.  But the island, much like it’s monarch, the Royal family, has become a lot younger and cooler. Think chic, sleek modern hotels, fashion-forward shops and a landscape that’s awash in millennial pink and the ideal Instagram backdrop.

Hintd regular contributor and founder of NYC Shopping Tour, Barbara Hodes, just returned from the island and gave us the inside scoop. Check out her list here. Can’t wait to get some of those Bermudian vibes now? Shop our picks from Bermuda’s best beach style boutique, Atelier. While they don’t have e-commerce yet, we got sneaky and found our favorite pieces for you.

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Marysia Antibes bikini is now on 30% OFF at Net-a-Porter, $196 (was $280)
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.08.50 AM
Asha Flower Chandelier earrings, $295
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Rose tote by Poolside Bags, $250. The site has a number of clever embroidered bags but you have to go to Atelier in Bermuda to get one of our faves, like “But first, Dark & Stormy”

The Life-Changing Magic of Getting “Fitzed”

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It’s Spring and we’re itching to get organized and finally get rid of the “hanger-ons” on our hangers. The problem is there are so many more fun things to do on a sunny Saturday than comb through a disorganized closet. That’s why when our very own Marketing Director Sophie, came in glowing because she was going to get “Fitzed” over the weekend, we took note. Fitz is a newly launched in-house closet organization and styling service that combines Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic with stylists who do the heavy lifting (sometimes quite literally) of getting organized. “It’s hard enough for clients to part with pieces. We help them with that, then take care of all the rest,” says Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Fitz, founder and CEO.

Here’s how it works: Two stylists arrive at your home armed with a rolling rack, and as many labels, garment bags and hangers you need. They take everything out of your closet and organize it by color and type. You have a heart-to-heart about what to keep and not. “I found the stylists helped me make better decisions about what to keep than I would have if I was on my own,” Sophie told us. Then, and here’s what makes this service a notch above the rest: Fitz stylists—not you—donate, resell, and rehab your cast-offs without you having to schlep all over town.

The cost breakdown: Two stylists, for three hours for $300 (but we can give you $50 off, see the code at the end of this post). Fitz has partnered with Linda’s Stuff, the largest reseller on Ebay, who takes both high fashion, (Gucci) and soft fashion (Zara) so that pieces in good condition can be resold. Clients can receive up to 62% on items under $1000. Fitz also can fix your leather goods, provide alterations and help you figure out a new closet layout with California Closets.

Sophie returned to work on Monday looking unburdened and breezy, wearing a chic ensemble that she had shopped right out of her own closet. So? We asked. “I feel transformed,” she said, “And, I have a whole new appreciation for garment bags.”

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P.S. Fitz is offering all first time clients $50 off your first session when you use the code: FITZFIRST


Shop The Arrangement, New Novel by Sarah Dunn

the arrangement

We worked with Little Brown, the publishers of The Arrangement, to set the tone for the new novel by Sarah Dunn,  a story of two married ex-New Yorkers living in the bucolic town of Beekman and exploring the newly redefined boundaries of their romance, on a list that sets the tone for the novel, available March 21st. She writes for shows like ‘Big Love’ and ‘Secrets to Happiness’ and her first novel reads like you’ve stepped into her cinematic world– only this time, the drama plays out in the intimate relationship between and wife and husband navigating marital ennui. Keep the spark alive with our hints– sexy, slinky, boozy, and a snapshot of what to wear and do on a chilly romantic Hudson valley weekend.

29 Things to Get You Excited for Spring

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It’s the day before St. Pat’s but we are already feeling lucky because today Refinery29 launched their first Hintd list. A few weeks back we sat down with their editors at the downtown offices—imagine Google’s space designed by women who have really great taste—and told them all about Hintd. They were so into Hintd, they decided to launch four lists this month. The first up: 29 Spring Essentials to Buy Early.

Our faves:

Lucy loves the Haconut hydrating hair mask for post-morning swims and J. Crew Franny Sunglasses for cruising around on her scooter.

Francesca has already hinted the RMS lipshine and Peach Lily Dr. Meyers Vitamin C mask for its instant brightening powers.

Sophie, Marketing Director has claimed the Nars Monoi Body Glow II to get that happy, healthy shimmer.

Claire, Operations Manager, is eying the Church Burwood’s silver oxfords because that’s just how she rolls.

Check it out and hint the heck out of their spring curation.

Secrets to a Lean Closet


Cuyana fouders, Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah have a mission for 2017: They want you to love everything in your life, and that means a leaner closet with quality pieces you’ll always wear and experiences that create lasting memories. (Sentiments we fully embrace here at Hintd.) Check out their Hintd list for inspiration on how to shop with intention and curate the life you want.

Greenpoint Guide

By: Barbara Hodes, NYCPrivateShoppingTour

Greenpoint is Williamsburg’s hipster cousin. I love to surprise people on my tours with the varied and interesting décor and clothing shops. Once farmland in the 1600’s and then a frequent “Girls” location, it’s now home to artists and designers who make their products here, as well as imaginative bars and restaurants.
Check out Barbara’s Greenpoint hints here!

Alyssa Coscarelli

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We asked Refinery29’s Alyssa Coscarelli how to avoid gifting cliches. “This year, I’m getting more creative — the things I’ll be giving (and hopefully getting!) are personal, unexpected, and most importantly stylish, like pieces from small indie labels to Alexander Wang-designed headphones, unique gifts anyone would be stoked to open this season. Shop away, even if it’s just for yourself!” Photographed by Erica Gannett