Your Sign and Style to Match


If you’re a Virgo like Beyonce, you’ll be balancing a lot of new opportunities, with a major focus on family (hello Rumi and Sir). Narrowing your range of vision to only projects that really speak to you—and that you want to work on for the long haul, will help you prioritize. November and January are full of romance, so look for love to blossom then. If you have been thinking of pulling the trigger with big changes at work, April is the time to shake things up and go in a fresh and innovative direction!  Style wise this all means feel-good pieces that make you feel like its easy to get what you want.



Not a Virgo? For style hints to match your star sign, click through to our September Zodiac list on Hintd, and to find out what Cosmopolitan’s astrologer Aurora Tower has in store for you in the coming month, read on, here.

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LIBRA: Try to pump the brake a little bit, and stay as mellow as possible this month. Treat yourself to pair of “go with the flow” earrings that you’ll wear as soon as your social life kicks up a notch on the 25th! But prioritize taking care of yourself more than saying YES to every invitation that comes along.

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PISCES: This is one of your best months of the year for romance! Once the weather cools down your love life warms up to cuddly sweater status. So make time to get out, socialize and meet new people. The annual full moon in your sign on the 6th is especially sexy so if you are looking for someone special, be clear about what you want and go for it!


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SAGITTARIUS: You are on a tear at work so say yes to any and all career opportunities at come up now, and wear boots that mean business. But home matters are important too, so pay attention to your intuition during the full moon on the 6th, and remember that your choices impact those you love as well.


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ARIES: Work, work, work—You love the crisp momentum of the fall and can power through your to-do list at maximum speed right now. Jump on a new project with a graphic top that’s cool enough for late warm days and works all fall. The 2nd is an especially powerful day to put plans into action.

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SCORPIO: You tend to be a bit stubborn, but you also know that teamwork is the key to lasting success. This month let your accessories do the same and stack a batch of knock-out bangles. Your more the merrier attitude will help you hit a major work milestone on the 9th.
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.25.43 PMAQUARIUS: There has been a lot of excitement and changes in your life recently, and now is the time to get yourself a pair of comfy, stylish sneakers and take long walks to reflect. Romance is hot too, especially on the 2nd, so if you’re still single- don’t spend TOO much time solo.


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GEMINI: You tend to be quite social, but this month you are loving the simpler things, like an easy eyelet top to wear on these last beach days. A work breakthrough around the full moon on the 6th means you should feel free to mix business with pleasure.
Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.19.33 PMCAPRICORN: This is a great month to hit the road for a trip, or sign up for a class you have been itching to take. You are envisioning your next exciting projects and fresh ideas and inspiration will help you, especially around the 12th. Get yourself an eye-catching tote and set off on a new journey.


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LEO: You are still riding high from the series of exciting eclipses in your sign over the past few weeks. If there are big plans you have been wanting to put into action, do it now and put a bow on it! The 2nd is a great time to pull the trigger. Staying focused, rather than scattering your energy, will help you deliver.


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CANCER: You are busy, busy, busy this month- which is just the way you like it! Meeting new people is a big focus so stay open and organized with a bright new bag. Spending time with siblings is also auspicious now, especially around the 19th.


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TAURUS: This is a pretty darn romantic month for you, so count your lucky stars! Love, fun and playfulness are highlighted now, so try to put stress aside, and slip into a pair of extremely trendy jeans. The 19th is an especially positive day. You are also loving nesting, so invest in beautifying your pad.

Vogue Marketing Assistant Shares Her Office Style Secrets


One of our Cornell ambassadors, Charlotte Hersh spoke with her friend, Meghan Flynn, Marketing and Communications Assistant at Vogue, about her office style tricks.

What do you wear to the office most summer days?
Easy, light midi-dresses are a go-to (Reformation is amazing for these). Off-the-shoulder tops are still great, too, and generally office appropriate with a pair of jeans. With these looks, I’ll do a low white heel, or some kind of slide. However, when I don’t have time to think about an outfit, I’ll usually wear a pair of wide leg black pants, a crisp plain tee (James Perse has the best), and stark white sneakers. It feels corporate-dressed-down.

How important is it to not repeat an outfit?
I don’t subscribe to this philosophy, actually. I love when people have a signature look and stick to it. But, then again, nothing beats the feeling of debuting a really cute new purchase.

How do you go from desk to dinner?
I try to make plans ahead of time so that I can make sure to wear something that transitions well, and can be easily dressed-up with a change of shoes, a dramatic earring, etc. However, I’ve been known to change my mind on what I want to wear (and also what I want to do) after work as the day goes on, so I tend to keep an extra set of jeans and one or two tops at my desk just in case. It also doesn’t hurt that Saks is across the street from my office, so I can literally buy a whole new look if I’m feeling dramatic.

What do you keep under your desk?
Ideally, just a few pairs of shoes, and a box of our newest issue. It tends to get a bit more cluttered than that, though.

What is your go-to workout class?
I am absolutely obsessed with the hot yoga classes at y7. They’re all set to hip-hop/rap music— it might sound strange, but it’s seriously addicting. The Soho studio is my favorite.

What was the most surprising thing you learned when you started working in fashion?
The majority of people are really, really nice— from designers to celebrities to top editors. It’s not necessarily surprising, but it’s always so pleasant to meet someone who is super successful and still a kind, down-to-earth person.

Rosé or Raventos (sparkling rosé)?
Nothing beats a glass of rosé.

Red lip or nude lip?
Nude, but, more often, Glossier’s Generation G matte lipstick in ‘Crush.’

Uber or Lyft or Via?
Juno 🙂

By Chloe or Shake Shack?
I’ve never tried Shake Shack and probably never will. By Chloe all the way!

Slides or sandals?
Slides for sure. My signature, though, is definitely white sneakers. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I have about 20 pairs at the moment.

See her list of office essentials here!

Glowing Skin Secrets

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Want for gorgeous skin and all-day energy? We asked Bobbi Brown to share her secrets from her latest book Beauty from the Inside Out. Our copy is dog-eared and stained with beauty-boosting smoothie ingredients—and the best part we our skin is looking good and we feel even better (if we do say so ourselves). Check out the list and get ready to leave your makeup kit at home.

Books, Bags, and a Beach


All you need is a book and a beach bag to find your happy place this weekend. This list of what to read (and carry it in) was sparked by lifelong reader and publisher of The New Yorker, Lisa Hughes. Visit the site and hint The New Yorker tee for a chance to win it and a trial subscription to the magazine (it even comes with your own New Yorker tote bag) and show your love of great lit.

The Most Stylish Getaway to Take Now

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Roman Emperors summered there. Jackie O made it her home away from home. Now, our intrepid traveler, Barbara Hodes takes you on a insider’s tour of Capri, the magical island famous for beautiful rock formations, like the Faraglioni, fragrant lemon groves and some of the chicest restaurants, hotels and shopping you can find. Follow her guide to stunning hidden beach clubs, swimsuit-friendly restaurants and gorgeous grottos that invite you to dive right in.

The Brave Collection

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If you’re looking for a gift for anyone setting out for new horizons, the Compass Necklace is a delicate and meaningful piece. Designed by Jessica Hendricks Yee and handmade by female artisans in Cambodia, 10% of all proceeds are donated to fight human trafficking. Check out more of The Brave Collection and we’re sure you’ll become equally obsessed.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 5.15.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-21 at 5.17.12 PM.png

Steal Her Style Secrets

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Designer and former fashion editor Ann Mashburn shares her approach to looking chic every day. Our favorite Mashburn mantras: “Wear what makes you feel like yourself” and “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s just clothes.” Read on for more

How would you describe your personal style? Franco-American and simple simple simple.

What’s your advice for women who want to create develop their personal uniform? What are the building blocks and how can you mix it up once you have it?  I think every woman needs to have her casual uniform down pat.. we are all so busy and need to move about every day comfortably. Getting dressed up for a specific event is easier than figuring out to look chic and comfortable on a daily basis.  I think the polished version of the “run around town” is most important. Building blocks for that could look like:

  1. A few pairs of well-fitting jeans
  2. A few pair of flat shoes that are not sneakers – ballet flat, my buckle flat with small heel, driving mocs
  3. A few jackets: boy blazer, safari-style jacket, Chanel-style jacket

These are my own building blocks and my line is filled with variations of these.  This is how I learned to dress as a fashion editor in New York: Simple things that I could move in that I could layer a scarf or jewelry on to make it feel new and fresh. Of course, I crave a little novelty every season and love something that feels of-the-moment, but I always come back to these things when I don’t know what to wear. I love basics.

You have five daughters, what’s your advice to them about finding their personal style? To take note of what they have on that they feel the most “themselves” in.  I think it can help to have a friend help with this…   it is also a reminder that personal style, like all style, is collected over time.  I think for me, I have always had a style that I felt best in, but I have gotten much better at being true to it and figuring out how to represent it.  I made a lot of mistakes and my girls should not be afraid to make them as well… it is just clothes!  You get to start over tomorrow!

Last question: When in doubt always wear… What you felt great in last time. I love a repeat.. even with a party dress!  I always say, I had a great time in this dress last time, I can’t wait to pull it out again! I don’t care that people have seen me in it before.