At Hinted we love evangelizing about our latest discoveries. We also love to make lists, it’s what we do all day. We believe that there’s a narrative behind every list, whether it’s a shopping list, a guest list, or your Hinted list. Each list tells a story.

Hinted Insider is a place where we share those stories. Each week we’ll feature lists that inspire us, and how they came about.

Over the holidays, Lucy, our Founder, happened to be talking about gifts with a pal in LA. Soon after, she heard from Jessica Alba, who wanted to share her best gift ideas. A list was born. 

Or a list comes from a topic in the air, like going to Cuba. After our UVA Campus Ambassador created a list for a Spring Break trip to Cuba, we noticed that several of our friends were either planning trips there or had just returned. We culled their tips to create our insider’s guide of what to do and bring when you go.

One of our favorite hinters is an adventurous bride who was traveling before and after her wedding (yes you, Krissy), and put her travel-centric registry on Hinted. It was a huge hit!

If you have a story behind your list, email us, at editors@hinted.com, and we may feature it on the blog. Plus let us know any other lists you want to see on Hinted. It’s our pleasure!

Happy hinting!

Lucy and the Hinted Team