Uncover Beautiful Skin with Francisco Costa’s new beauty line, Costa Brazil


Beauty Secrets You Need Now:

Discover the new line designed to give women here the same gorgeous skin that you see on the beaches of Brazil.

This past Friday, the Hinted team was invited to Francisco Costa’s apartment to preview his new beauty line, Costa Brazil. Stepping off the elevator we were greeted by a floor to ceiling wall of living plants, an easy clue as to Costa’s love of being immersed in nature.  The minimalist decor is a stark contrast to his exotic plants and Brazilian art. A lovely earthy smell emanated from a ceramic tray.

After serving us a delicious homemade lunch of hummus and a kale salad, Costa explained the driving force behind his new beauty line Costa Brazil, which he launched after years of leading Calvin Klein’s fashion house,  was a decision to bring the beauty secrets of Brazil to the rest of the world.

Francisco Costa

Costa just launched the beginnings of a beauty empire. Every product is emade from ingredients found only in the Amazon jungle. Costa spoke of his inspiration and excitement after visiting the Amazon and discovering rare botanicals from the jungle that have healing properties. These became the trinity of miracle ingredients that make up his oils and candle, Cacay, Kaya and Breu Branco.

  • Cacay, an oil referred to as ‘Amazonian Gold,’ boasts 50% more Vitamin E than argan oil, as well as Omegas 3, 6 and 9.
  • Kaya is derived from the Sapucaia Tree and packed with antioxidants, minerals and micronutrients.
  • Breu Branco, a resin considered sacred by the Yawanawá tribe, has cleansing powers and is used in their rituals. As Costa described the special properties of Breu, he lit a morsel of the white resin and passed it around for each of us to hold and experience. The resin ignited and flashed in a sparking way, emitting a fragrant smoke that invigorates the whole body. Lighting the resin feels meditative and intentional. It’s earthy, sensual and calming, and one gets the idea that beauty to Costa, is more than skin deep.

All four of the products currently sold by Costa Brazil are infused with these three miracle ingredients. We tried them all: The face and body oils sink effortlessly into the skin, and trap moisturize all day long.The body oil can also be used in hair to smooth and add scent.The oils contain not only the Breu but also antimicrobial ingredients such as tea tree oil keep skin blemish-free. The candle carries the same serene earthy fragrance of Breu, and the 100% plant-based ingredients mean you don’t have to worry about releasing harmful chemicals and carcinogens into your home.

The Vela Jungle candle and miracle ingredients Cacay, Kaya and Breu Branco

Burning the Breu resin is a full body experience, which leaves your home smelling incredible and your mind clear. The Breu and candle are both housed in strikingly beautiful silver tins, which are engraved with Costa Brazil’s slogan ‘Brilhe Na Natureza‘ (translated: Shine in Nature). After finishing your products, the brand encourages you to reuse this tin, just one small effort in the brand’s sustainable identity.

Burning the Breu Branco Resin

All ingredients are certified Fair Trade and wild-harvested, so no trees are harmed in the process of sourcing. Additionally, Costa Brazil is vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested and the products contain no parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, gluten or glycols. In every aspect of sourcing, packaging, and charity work, it is clear the reverence Costa has for both the Amazon forest as well as the Earth. It is one thing to develop a line of beautiful objects, but what Costa has created is so much more than that: His brand is entirely sustainable, his products are effective and he proudly pays homage to his home country.

Hailey experiencing the Jungle candle

We want to add: Thank you, Francisco, for opening your home to us and giving us a preview of your incredible collection. We were honored to experience the meaningful products and support a brand that is so eco-forward.

Hailey and Stephanie outside Costa Brazil’s HQ