Boy Meets Girl Meets Hinted

Shot by Jennifer Rose Keany
Stacy Igel, Keeping it fun.

Stacy Igel is one of those awesome female founders whose success came with all the hard working beginnings, family involvement, and lucky breaks. She told us her story over coffee at our offices at Spring Place in Tribeca. Next thing we knew, she had made her list of the perfect holiday gifts. As CEO of Boy Meets Girl and an advocate for women, causes and being authentically you, it’s full of fun gifting inspiration and cool products.

When she launched Boy Meets Girl, shortly after 9/11, she had made t-shirts with red white and blue that took off, and her line was picked up by Bergdorf Goodman. Her collaborations with models, actresses and musicians elevated the line to cult status. Over the years, Boy Meets Girls has become one of those perennial favorite brands sold all over the world, as message tees with a purpose gained popularity and kept up with the times. Her collaboration with Veronica Webb is just the latest in this series.

Check out her Hinted list just in time to buy that perfect statement gift for yourself or the person on your list who loves the message and the meaning.

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Also — as if you needed any more proof that she is the hottest designer of the moment — Stacy is in The New York Times below and Business of Fashion  on the topic of “Super Model Mania.”
Happy reading, hinting and shopping!

The foot doc to the stars is making sure you have happy feet too!

instant arches

When I was too injured to run, a friend in LA took pity on me and sent me to an amazing foot doctor. Now we are featuring his “instant arches” which make any shoe — no matter how towering, wobbly or sexy — comfortable, wearable and not create a pain as you dance, run around and enjoy the party season with ease.


The backstory: I was starting my triathlon career and just as winter training set in, the cold temps meant running on stiff muscles, and suddenly I had a painful, sidelining injury known as “Plantar Fascitis” where your bottom of the foot where your heel meets the arch feels a sharp stabbing pain, even when lying in bed. Every step is like stepping on a thumbtack, and you literally cannot run. This is frustrating, to say the least, and the weeks wear on your mind and your mental attitude goes south since, for me, running is as much a mental break and mood booster as it is a physical workout and body benefit.


I was in LA, too injured to run, and a TV star we were featuring on the cover of SELF told me I should go see an amazing foot doctor whose name is Dr. Steven Rosenberg, and he could not have been nicer. We decided that I should try a shot of arnica and I trusted him enough to put a needle in my foot. The arnica relieved the pain temporarily but more importantly, he handed me these little black spongy arch inserts to put in all my walking shoes. Having insoles in my sneakers was not enough. Turns out if you have high arches, most shoes and sandals don’t provide enough arch support to keep your bottom of your foot from collapsing, tearing in micro little injuries to the infrastructure of the arch, and you can end up with Plantar Fascitis. Luckily, my foot injury cleared up, but now I wear these in my shoes daily and it helps keep my arches supported and my feet comfy, so I can race around all day, and feel great.


Thanks to Dr. Rosenberg following my career, keeping in touch, and watching Hinted grow. He has offered to give away three packs of the Instant Arch supports. I just bought three more so that my shoes all feel like sneakers.

Check out his site, and our list. Happy dancing, happy holidays, and happy feet!