You Look Bermudaful!

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The forecast is iffy on whether to sun will RSVP this weekend, so while you’re driving upstate, the Hamptons, or any other weekend getaway consider this:  Bermuda is a mere two hours away from the East Coast and our Accuweather app is reporting it’s currently a lovely 80 degrees. Now, we know that when you think of Bermuda it’s easy to picture stodgy Englishmen golfing and downing G&TS.  But the island, much like it’s monarch, the Royal family, has become a lot younger and cooler. Think chic, sleek modern hotels, fashion-forward shops and a landscape that’s awash in millennial pink and the ideal Instagram backdrop.

Hintd regular contributor and founder of NYC Shopping Tour, Barbara Hodes, just returned from the island and gave us the inside scoop. Check out her list here. Can’t wait to get some of those Bermudian vibes now? Shop our picks from Bermuda’s best beach style boutique, Atelier. While they don’t have e-commerce yet, we got sneaky and found our favorite pieces for you.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.36.07 AM
Marysia Antibes bikini is now on 30% OFF at Net-a-Porter, $196 (was $280)
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.08.50 AM
Asha Flower Chandelier earrings, $295
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 9.48.15 AM
Rose tote by Poolside Bags, $250. The site has a number of clever embroidered bags but you have to go to Atelier in Bermuda to get one of our faves, like “But first, Dark & Stormy”

Best Graduation Gifts That Take You Places

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Lucy, our founder, likes to tell a story about a friend of hers who graduated from Harvard who bought herself a diamond ring for graduation—rather than wait for a guy to give it to her. Don’t freak, this was the late ’80s when lots of women felt a husband was the best graduation gift around. Lucy’s remembers being completely wowed by her friend’s hutzpah about giving herself what she wanted.

This graduation, you can give yourself your own diamond ring of sorts by making a list of things you want. We know that 95% of grads get cash, according to a study by Hallmark. We’re not anti-cash, we know it equals time and freedom. And we know that making a list of what you want is the best way to plan how you’ll spend it. If you need some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite graduation gifts, including a ring you just might want to give yourself.

But first, coffee….This little machine has endless rave reviews. Best feature is there’s no wait time. Turn it on and its ready to brew instantly.
File under useful meets cute: Personalized stationery for all those thank you notes and interview follow-ups.
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.44.44 PM
And in case you want to treat yourself, this ring delivers a nice balance of casual sparkle. Asha, $225

Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts Continued!

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Diaper bags are to new moms what comforters are to freshman in college. They say a lot about your aesthetic and like that college comforter, they are in a way your home away from home. Which is why we’re obsessed with J.Mater’s diaper bag. As the co-founder Johanna Almstead likes to say, “Although life is clearly not the same, our tote is meant to make you feel like yourself again (sort of!).”  Our favorite line from J.Mater’s design manifesto: “We believe it is possible to ‘keep it together’ while being a Mom.” Praise Be! Here’s the scoop: There’s one bag, in three colors (black, navy, poppy) with ample pockets for bottles, a pouch for mom (which can easily double as a clutch) pouches for baby, convenient stroller straps in easy to clean coated canvas. Her Hintd list has this and more to for new moms to discover.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.15.29 AM
“For me, I cannot relax if things are too chaotic, so I designed a bag to make me feel like there is some order in my life. The bag comes with The Mama clutch, which allows you to stash all of your personal things- credit cards, money, keys, lip balm, as well as everything you need for baby. It keeps you organized and it can be carried on its own as an easy clutch.”

Their big idea is that function is luxury and luxury is function, which we wholeheartedly agree with, especially when you are trying to find that beloved teething toy to soothe a screaming child. And this made us wonder if Johanna can design a bag this good, what other things does she love and rely on as a mom.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.42.25 AM.png
“When it comes to Mother’s Day traditions we didn’t really have them which probably means that my mother was doing all the work and taking care of us as she always did. I am very sentimental about jewelry, so I love the idea of receiving a piece of jewelry that could become part of a collection after many years- charm bracelet or a locket.  I love this locket from Monica Rich Kosan (wink, wink.)”
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.54.31 AM.png
One charity I really care about is WIN, an organization that supports homeless women and children in NYC. It’s truly is an amazing organization and very dear to my heart. This Mother’s Day when you send one of their Mother’s Day cards a donation is made to their great work.

What Do Moms Really Want? Time with You!


The results are in and the top mother’s day gift requests are…

48% of moms we surveyed would like to have a nice brunch, with you, of course!

33% Just want time with you… that’s easy and it’s free. What are you waiting for? Call her now and make a date!


35% would like flowers. It’s the thought that counts, so they don’t have to be pricey.

Our go-to national florist is The Bouqs Co and now through Friday, you can double your order for the price of one bouquet with the code MORE4MOM.

A whopping 48% would like a lovely brunch. You can do that! Put off your Sunday morning spin routine just this once. It won’t kill you to take mom out for a nice brunch.

A vacation with you. 31% said she would like a getaway.

She would also like a card, (you can make it or buy it, whichever is your preference). But here’s the easiest one of all: “No complaining!”

Want to splurge? Her preferences in jewelry would be a necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings, in that order.

Treating her to beauty or spa? good idea! She wants a massage or another beauty treat.

What she doesn’t want? Breakfast in bed!

The big winner: Time together as a family, and it doesn’t matter what we do. Now that’s not that hard, is it? You only have one Mom. Give her what she wants today: You!



Best Gifts for a First Mother’s Day

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First Mother’s Days are the sweetest because, well it’s your first, and as a new mom it’s your chance to celebrate in your own way. We asked Nell Diamond, founder of Hill House Home and mom to son Henry, about her traditions, wish list gifts and how to make any present even more special.

What’s a Mother’s Day tradition did you have as a child that you are looking forward to continuing? “Hand-written notes! I used to love writing notes and cards to my Mom, and it was so fun to pick out stationery and greeting cards I thought she’d like. My mom and my son Henry are total best friends, so I’d love for Henry—when he’s old enough—to write her little cards for Mother’s Day, too! And I guess I wouldn’t exactly complain if he wrote me some. They’re such wonderful keepsakes—my Mom still has most of the cards I wrote her!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.41.54 PM
I love Paper Source and McNally Jackson (above) for the best cards. 

As a new mom, what’s something you love and rely on for yourself? “Good skin makes me feel amazing, especially when I don’t have as much time to spend on makeup in the morning! I live for those two products.”

I’m OBSESSED with Drunk Elephant Skincare right now—especially the Marula Oil and the Night Serum.
My skin is also super dry, so I’ve been doing a Dr. Jart Moisture Mask once a week too.

What are the things you’d share or recommend to new moms to help them take care of themselves? What makes them special? “My big new tip: Change your iPhone screen settings to limit the blue light you’re exposed to before bedtime. Blue light from phone, computer and television screens can inhibit melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep, and potentially even disrupting the quality of your sleep cycles. It’s almost impossible to spend hours without your phone before bed, so this little trick limits the damage by changing your phone display to warmer colors closer to bedtime. I tell pretty much everyone I see to do this. Go to Settings —> Display & Brightness —> Night Shift –> then schedule Night Shift from Sunset to Sunrise.”


What have been your go-to Mother’s Day gifts or the best Mother’s Day gifts you have given? What were they special? “Personalized things always mean so much. Hand-written, monogrammed, stamped – it shows you really went the extra step!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 5.12.46 PM

What are your favorite gifts from Hill House Home for Mother’s Day? “I usually say our best gift items are robes, pajamas, and our mini monogrammable pillows. But for this holiday—trust me, moms want anything to enhance their sleep experience! Start with the Quick Snooze set and even if she already has sheets she likes, these can be easily added to the rotation.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.09.27 PM
The Quick Snooze Set. Fresh, soft, long-lasting sheets are the ultimate luxury.

And what are your mother’s day wish list gifts? “Here’s a few things from my dream list, but truthfully all I ask for on Sunday is a lot of ice cream, and some nice weather for an afternoon walk with Henry!”

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.50.26 PM
Mama Ring by Alison Lou, I have the Mrs. ring so now I need the Mama to match!
 This linen caftan by Fivestory is the hostess look of my dreams 
I’m really into statement earrings, and it’s hard to find big earrings that aren’t super heavy, these by Rosantica are really light delicate.

How do you make gifts feel special? “Wrapping counts! A little ribbon can go a long way.” We agree. For Nell’s full list check out “My First Mother’s Day.”

What Mother’s Day Gifts Mean

Let’s face it: When your mom says, “You don’t need to get me anything for Mother’s Day,” she’s lying. You do. Come Monday, when she’s telling friends what you did, you want her to feel a giddy mix of pride and delight. And that’s the real gift, right there, that peacock moment. How you treat Mother’s Day is a reflection of how she’s raised you. It’s your opportunity to show off and let her know that yes, she’s raised a thoughtful, awesome human being, even if you forget to call her back sometimes.

Now, we’re not saying all this to stress you out. First, it’s only Tuesday and there’s express shipping. Second, if you’re stumped, we’ve got the best, original, unexpected, cheap-and-cheerful or splurge-with-impact gifts for every type of mom. A few weeks ago, we were invited to a tea with beauty maven Bobbi Brown, hosted by the Accessories Council (who knew there was a non-profit council just for accessories?) where we talked about the best and worst Mother Day gifts. The best: A cleaning woman for a year. The worst: A scale. And we got to see some great companies that make the kind accessories that would make even the most modest mom feel like bragging. Here are a few of our favorites:

50% of the Hintd team are mothers. 100% of us want this Foley & Carina bag. It’s has an equestrian edge, feels upscale and is well-priced at $149.
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.53.24 AM
Walk a mile in your mother’s shoes and you know why she’ll love the comfort and retro logo of these Lacoste sneakers. $120
Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.26.10 AM
Secret messages + jewelry = Best. Gift. Ever. Call your siblings, get Dad, maybe even Grandma on board and give Mom one of Monica Rich Kosan’s “Posey” ring necklaces. Each ring has a unique message and you can add to it every year. It’s a splurge for sure but this we’re confident it’s also a slam dunk.
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.17.10 AM
A scarf may feel like a cop out, but not this Mother’s Day. Squares are the must-have trend and it’s only $28.

See more gift ideas on our “Accessories for every Mama” Mother’s Day List and enter to win the mother of all prizes a solitaire necklace just for her.