Hinted’s Insider Guide to Rome!

Romans have known how to have a great time for over 2,000 years. Some things never change. Barbara Hodes, founder of NYC Private Shopping Tour, loves shopping, eating, and clubbing in Rome, as well as visiting the well-known and off the beaten track exhibits and museums. While you are shopping, dining, or just hanging out, history is around the corner in the narrow streets, hidden gardens, piazzas, palazzos, and the many amazing fountains. Take a deep breath, have some vino and live like a Roman. Check out Hinted’s Insider Guide to Rome.Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.29.54 PM

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Wednesday ushers in the year’s first supermoon and with it the urge to reimagine your personal style. If you’re a Taurus, and celebrating a birthday, you are about to enjoy a year of playful multi-tasking and amping up your public presence that calls for chic pieces that let you take the stage effortlessly. Not a Taurus? For your sign, click through  to find out what Cosmopolitan’s astrologer Aurora Tower has in store for you…

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It’s Festival Season!

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Music festival season is upon us, that usually means lots of Instagram-induced FOMO (we’re already anticipating a slew of weekend pics from Coachella overload). So we decided to help three lucky winners get in on the action by giving away three tickets to NYC’s Panorama Festival. Here’s how it works: Sign up at least two friends using the invite link (you can find it at the bottom of the settings pop-up on your profile). Enter to win and  you could be dancing in the front row with your besties to Frank Ocean, Solange, MGMT, and more.

In addition to the tix, we’re giving the winner three Skinceuticals sunscreens and three cuff bracelets from Cuffed by Nano, a new jewelry line that’s all over college campuses. See more on this offer, the prizes and other festival must-haves on the festival list.

The Life-Changing Magic of Getting “Fitzed”

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It’s Spring and we’re itching to get organized and finally get rid of the “hanger-ons” on our hangers. The problem is there are so many more fun things to do on a sunny Saturday than comb through a disorganized closet. That’s why when our very own Marketing Director Sophie, came in glowing because she was going to get “Fitzed” over the weekend, we took note. Fitz is a newly launched in-house closet organization and styling service that combines Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic with stylists who do the heavy lifting (sometimes quite literally) of getting organized. “It’s hard enough for clients to part with pieces. We help them with that, then take care of all the rest,” says Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Fitz, founder and CEO.

Here’s how it works: Two stylists arrive at your home armed with a rolling rack, and as many labels, garment bags and hangers you need. They take everything out of your closet and organize it by color and type. You have a heart-to-heart about what to keep and not. “I found the stylists helped me make better decisions about what to keep than I would have if I was on my own,” Sophie told us. Then, and here’s what makes this service a notch above the rest: Fitz stylists—not you—donate, resell, and rehab your cast-offs without you having to schlep all over town.

The cost breakdown: Two stylists, for three hours for $300 (but we can give you $50 off, see the code at the end of this post). Fitz has partnered with Linda’s Stuff, the largest reseller on Ebay, who takes both high fashion, (Gucci) and soft fashion (Zara) so that pieces in good condition can be resold. Clients can receive up to 62% on items under $1000. Fitz also can fix your leather goods, provide alterations and help you figure out a new closet layout with California Closets.

Sophie returned to work on Monday looking unburdened and breezy, wearing a chic ensemble that she had shopped right out of her own closet. So? We asked. “I feel transformed,” she said, “And, I have a whole new appreciation for garment bags.”

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P.S. Fitz is offering all first time clients $50 off your first session when you use the code: FITZFIRST


Read Your Heart Out

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In honor of book week, Hintd published this book list of what to read now. Lucy’s dad would have been proud.  Our founder’s father, Tony Schulte was a lifelong book publisher (at Simon & Schuster and then Random House) who believed everyone should always have a good book going, and that reading was part of our daily lives (Lucy would wake up to the sight of her dad at the dining room table with The New York Times open for a luxurious dive into his favorite newspaper every morning, reading virtually every word). She remembers summers were about reading, counting the books she consumed as a personal contest with herself, to see how many she could get through while they were up at the Vineyard, reading as much as she could every week. “We never went to the beach without a book, we read on planes, trains and even automobiles, it was just part of my childhood, something I want to get back to. But too often I don’t really fall in love with a book and put it down. Then I feel guilty that I don’t want to finish it.” Want to know what to read next? And love it?  We partnered with Refinery29 for the best 29 books to read now. Try one of these! Full List here.