The T-Shirt to Have from the Women’s March


Lucy, our founder, is best friends with Lisa Hughes, Publisher of The New Yorker. In fact, the two of them joined in the Women’s March with Lucy’s daughter, in DC last month. When The New Yorker’s powerful cover art came out right after, Lisa decided to create a historic T-shirt to allow readers to wear a piece of this moment in history.

Through this friendship, we were inspired to make the tee our Hint It to Win It for the month of March!

Gift Guide for the Pisces in Your Life


Spring is in the air and it’s no coincidence that we’re moving into Pisces, the most intuitive and creative of all of the signs. Under Pisces, we’ll all be itching to add a touch of fun and flourish to our look. And if you’re like Eva and celebrating a birthday this month, you’ll be especially ready to dive into a new year with dreamy getaways (Italy, anyone?), festive cocktails, and new trendy pieces you’ll love forever.

You are known as the most intuitive and creative of all of the signs, and this year your powers of perception and attraction are more heightened than ever. With a rare new moon solar eclipse kicking off your birthday season, you are primed to manifest everything you have been working on for the past several years. The trick is following your own lead, rather than getting blown off course by others. Surround yourself with a tribe that supports you, but only make decisions that make YOU feel good! May is an exciting month that may kick off a new romance or big project. September and November are your other prime months for love. Your career kicks into an ever higher gear this fall and winter, and you will find confirmation that you have been right to follow your instincts all along.

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What to do, Where to Stay in Nicaragua


Nicaragua, once a destination for intrepid backpackers and diehard surfers, is now happily coming into its own. A new airport, oasis hotels, and an uptick in eco-tourism have transformed it into the go-to destination (sorry, Costa). Check out the insider’s guide we’ve created with help from our UVA campus ambassador, Camille L, whose has family in Managua. Start planning your trip and we’ll see you there.

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