Sexy Forecasts

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“When it comes to romance, 2017 is the year to think big. Kind words, gestures, and diplomacy help you tap into love and sex appeal,” say Cosmo’s Bedside Astrologer authors Aurora Tower and Laura Brounstein. Check out their book and our curated selection of celestial-inspired lingerie. We predict: Friskiness will find you!

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Pack Like Fashion Editor

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As Fashion Director of GQ, Madeline Weeks is on a plane several times a month, sometimes every week, so she knows how to pack. “I organize my bag in the same order of my closet, this way I’ll hit everything, which is important because if I forget something I love it is a bummer. It can even be something little, like my navy thin scarf, that I love to have with me, airplanes are always freezing!”

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Alyssa Coscarelli

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We asked Refinery29’s Alyssa Coscarelli how to avoid gifting cliches. “This year, I’m getting more creative — the things I’ll be giving (and hopefully getting!) are personal, unexpected, and most importantly stylish, like pieces from small indie labels to Alexander Wang-designed headphones, unique gifts anyone would be stoked to open this season. Shop away, even if it’s just for yourself!” Photographed by Erica Gannett