Why Hint?

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It’s my birthday…. and as the founder of Hintd and the former Editor of SELF magazine, it makes sense that I believe women should express themselves–and tell the universe what they want. So here I am, doing it.

Along with funding for Planned Parenthood and other favorite causes (issues best left for a different time and place), I love to express what I want. Keeping track on my Hintd list makes me feel organized and motivated to shop in an orderly way all year long. And on your birthday there’s added motivation to share your list. You just might get it!

When Hintd first launched last year, it was to share hints with loved ones. Now we see users hinting to their list as a way to keep track for themselves.  Of course, I don’t expect to get everything, or even most of the things on my list, but my loved ones use it for inspiration and to let me know that they really “get” me!

My birthday was a great day with family time, a special dinner, loving cards, a cake and a couple of hints! From my list, I got several fun new beauty items from my daughter, who introduced me to Glossier when she put their Haloscope stick on her Christmas list last month.

So Hintd works as a way to connect, recommend favorite items, and learn about cool things from what others are hinting. Keep track and save what you want, and when it’s your birthday, go ahead and share your list with your loved ones. Giving a hint is giving them a chance to get it right. Plus you may just end up getting just what you love!

Check out my list here.

Secrets to a Lean Closet


Cuyana fouders, Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah have a mission for 2017: They want you to love everything in your life, and that means a leaner closet with quality pieces you’ll always wear and experiences that create lasting memories. (Sentiments we fully embrace here at Hintd.) Check out their Hintd list for inspiration on how to shop with intention and curate the life you want.



The gray colors of winter can do a number on your cheerfulness. That’s why we’re embracing Greenery, Pantone’s Color of 2017. Studies show bringing the natural shade into your life boosts creativity and mood. Add the lime color (or emerald, turquoise or chartreuse) to your hint list to energize your mind and your style.

Shop our greenery hints here!

Greenpoint Guide

By: Barbara Hodes, NYCPrivateShoppingTour

Greenpoint is Williamsburg’s hipster cousin. I love to surprise people on my tours with the varied and interesting décor and clothing shops. Once farmland in the 1600’s and then a frequent “Girls” location, it’s now home to artists and designers who make their products here, as well as imaginative bars and restaurants.
Check out Barbara’s Greenpoint hints here!

Resolution Reboot


The ball dropped… but you won’t drop the ball. It takes at least 21 days to form a new habit and, the longer you do it, the more automatic it becomes. One slip up is not enough to matter–consistency is what counts. Ace your resolutions (or add a new one, it’s not too late) with our Best of NYR list.

Take charge of 2017’s goals with these hints!



Going slow and steady and focusing on your key relationships and partnerships is your key to success this year. There are times when you want to take the bull by the horns and do things your own way, but you win more bees with honey now, so commit to being diplomatic and feeling things out. Your love life is glorious in February and April so plan sexy holidays to take advantage of the romance. Career is highlighted this summer, and mixing business with pleasure will work wonders, especially if you are entertaining at home. There is also a big family focus this year, so you could be healing old wounds, redoing your pad, or adding to your brood. By October you could be focused on a whole new project or exciting chapter in your life!

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